How it Works is a participation-driven engine. The more that you contribute to the site and use its resources, the larger and more useful a community resource it will become. Here are the resources we're offering:

Teachers Finding Materials (Projects and More).  A fundamental aspect of the site is that it is a place for teacher to find information, projects, and classroom materials and resources for digital fabrication.

Teachers Sharing Materials (Projects and More).  While we can seed the site to help get it started and to create examples of projects and materials, will only thrive and grow with contributions from teachers willing to share what they are doing with and learning about digital fabrication.

Teachers Helping Teachers. 100kGarages has a helpers map representing teachers who are willing to help nearby teachers with digital fabrication. You may not have time to contribute material, but we urge you to register and place yourself on the map, and be ready to share as your colleagues begin to discover the technology.

Experts Helping Teachers. (a related web resource for distributed manufacturing) will help identify existing community resources such as hacker spaces and expert digital fabbers who have volunteered to help with digital fab programs in schools.

Educators Finding Materials. Digital fabrication is rapidly moving from a future technology to a current technology. creates forums and posting areas for educators to share their experiences in setting up programs and developing funding for digital fab.

Advisors for Writing for Funding. Share your knowledge and experience in obtaining funding with other teachers. We invite your comments and advice.

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