What is 100kSchools?

100kSchools.org is an online network for teachers and educators who want to put digital fabrication to use in their classrooms.

Digital fabrication is the new and evolving technology for making things! It represents the continuum of activities between a digital model of an object or part and the digital tool(s) that make the object from the model. Digital fabrication makes use of both additive methods (e.g. 3D printers and rapid prototyping equipment) and subtractive methods (e.g. CNC, laser cutters, water-jets) and is employed in various design and development stages as well as the final manufacturing.

Digital Fabrication is empowering a revolution in manufacturing. It is sometimes called the “Third Industrial Revolution” because it allows complexity and assembly features to be engineered into parts during their fabrication and thus makes whole new ways of producing things possible. It also allows efficient production of just a few or thousands of items. This efficiency and agility can enable the success of businesses that are small, widely distributed, and energy sustainable; moreover, these are businesses offering attractive kinds of employment.

The vision for 100kSchools.org is to make it easy for teachers to access projects and classroom resources, and more broadly, to access information about developing digital fabrication programs and curricula. As importantly, we hope to create a structure for teachers to communicate with and help other teachers and for educators to share what they’ve learned about digital fabrication technologies.

The organization of 100kSchools.org is intentionally cross-cutting. Organization is done around the idea that there are many educational levels at which digital fabrication applies, and many educational areas for which digital fabrication is relevant. 100kSchools.org will attempt to provide information that is relevant both generally and to specific types of programs (e.g. STEM, Vocation, Arts, Entrepreneurial). And it will create structures that provide material appropriate at multiple levels, from middle school through college and technical school.

We recognize that technological evolution is increasingly rapid. We are committed to promoting educational and training experiences that help everyone adapt, adjust, and thrive on continual learning based on communicating concepts and principles that underlie changing technologies.

The key to the success of the 100kSchools.org community will be the active participation of the teachers and educators we aim to serve. You can participate in many ways:

  1. by posting projects and resource materials;
  2. by offering to provide help with one aspect of another of digital to nearby teachers;
  3. by joining in forum discussions; and
  4. by becoming an advisor to the 100kSchools.org website. While ShopBot is seeding the site in as many ways as we are able to manage, we look forward to the day when the advisory board provides the guidance for the growth and development of the resource.
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100kSchools.org is a free online resource for everyone involved in using digital fabrication technology in educational settings — from traditional schools and colleges, to FabLabs, to community workshops and informal neighborhood learning centers. We're here to serve whatever you are teaching: STEM, the Arts, Vocational & Technical education, entrepreneurship… the sky's the limit. Join us!