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DigitalFab Classroom Projects

Digital android transformer

by John Stephenson

Ed. Level: Pre-Professional

Skill Level: Average

Digital Tool: 3D Printer, Wires, Android, Transformer

Project Orientation: Business or Entrepreneurial, Technical or Vocational

CAM Software: 2D

Halftone Photo made on CNC Handibot

by Andrea Lane

Ed. Level: Middle School, High School

Skill Level: Average

Digital Tool: CNC Router, Handibot

Project Orientation: STEM, Other

CAM Software: 2D, 2.5D

Custom Teacher Name Plate

by Matthew McGuire

Ed. Level: Middle School

Skill Level: Intermediate

Digital Tool: Shopbot Buddy CNC

Project Orientation: STEM, Business or Entrepreneurial

CAM Software: 2.5D

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